Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brief Introduction About Vampire

Vampires are mythological characters, known to suck the blood of animals and humans for survival.

We have seen vampires in the movies, read about them in novels and books and even heard enigmatic Vampire stories from our elders. Vampires are also referred to as villains, demons, undead or negative characters. They are night creatures and they feed on blood.

The idea of feeding on blood of the living species is what brings power and life to preserve their own existence. Drinking other’s blood sometimes means obtaining the "life-blood" of someone else for you. Therefore, the idea of vampire’s existence is putting someone's body inside your own to drum up more life.

Vampires come out only at night because the sight of sunlight destroys them and turns them into stone or dust. Traditionally, they are differentiated by black capes, long corpse-like bodies and they also have the ability to fly, although whether these creatures were in the original vampire myths is not known. They drink blood, sleep in coffins, can't go near churches, and are scared of garlic.

The image of Vampire has fascinated and attracted us and at the same time frightened and repelled. A vampire’s biography starts with drinking blood, and death.

The best way to understand a Vampire is towards the darker side of human nature or imagination. To become a Vampire you need to acquire the taste of blood and distaste for garlic as Vampires scream with the insight of garlic.

Many people want to become Vampire as this is very fascinated topic among young generation. There are people who genuinely believe them to be vampires.