Saturday, February 6, 2010

Understand About Vampires

Hollywood convinced only way to become a vampire is to share a “bite” with another vampire. Everyone has their own stories about vampires. There are many ways to become a vampire.

To understand about Vampires, you have to cross back to history to look at the mythology of vampires. Heretics and sinners and other people who commit crime against humanity are the prime person to become a vampire. Being really good at black magic is a best way to become a vampire. The only way to become a vampire is to either be born as one or find one that's willing to turn you. But the process is harder then you think. Sure the turning is easy but getting used to being a vampire is hard.

The greatest weakness about the vampire is the need for energy in the form of blood. Just imagining yourself a vampire is not enough, actually you need to change the way you see everything and change of mind to understand things. Vampires are beautiful, powerful and immortal. Vampires are usually in to Goth or Emo culture. A vampire likes the old things. Vampires are dangerous, you really need to be careful else you might end up dead then undead. It is certainly not easy to actually become a vampire.

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