Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to make a Vampire Costume!

Costumes of Vampires are perhaps one of the perfect choices to become Vampire. They not only portray the evil but have the element of mystery that scare people. It is necessary to have a perfect makeup and dress.

Choose a black suit, black trousers and white shirt as a base for costume. Look at vintage shops for an old suit to give you the kind of old world vampire look at a low costs, or use something from your own wardrobe. Any black suit and white dress shirt is effective.

Choose a large piece of black velvet or satin fabric for a calf-length to drape around shoulder. Long length black fabric may cause you a problem but it will give your costume a rich and distinguish feel. If it is not possible for you to arrange, any type of black fabric will work.

Take a black ribbon and cut length of ribbon in half. Bind half on each side of the end of black cloth that will be on top of the cape. When you drape fabric around your shoulders, use the ribbon bar on both sides to tie cape around the shoulders.

Bind the length of red ribbon around the white shirt collar and cross the ends. Attach one end of the second with a neat pin or brooch or just safety pin from underneath. This detail will give you the kind of appealing count.

Place fangs over teeth, adjust them properly to be comfortable and secure, so there is less risk of slipping and choking hazard. Put your teeth before applying other makeup, so they do not stain makeup.

Color your hair streaks with temporary spray-on color. Vampires can also think out of the box :), though White is traditional. Vampires are also glamorous.

Apply white makeup or powder to your face, neck and hands to give your skin a pale and deathly tone. Powder will make you look spooky.

Apply black makeup under your eyes to give your face a sunken look. Use mascara to darken your eyebrows and eyelashes. Outline eyelids using red or pink color lip liner to give you a very effective deadly look. Drop-dead red hot color lipstick will give you a classy vampire look and appearance that you just fed on a victim, black would be awful. White is deadly too.

At the end, spray the front of white shirt with a little more of the fake blood for contrast.