Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Facts About Vampires

According to several Legends, Vampires hate canines, they have same blood type that is O-V. They live on others blood, can bring back others life by blood transfusion. Some people think that they scare of garlic and go out only in night as in sun they will get burned. They sleep in coffin not on bed. They have special ability and power as they are quicker and faster then humans. Vampires can read others mind also having control over animal world as they can turn in to bat, owl, rat, moth, fox or wolf. Vampires are pale and they have a black skin.

I also heard that vampire and Lady Vampire are extremely attractable, way to attract their victim. Our modern culture retains same threads as in Eastern Europe myths such as blood drinking, target humans on night, return from death etc.

Porphyria is a rare disease also known as Vampire or Dracula disease. Symptoms of this disease are like Vampire such as sensitivity to sunlight in extreme, teeth might be staining reddish brown. Eventually, the patient goes mad.

If someone targeted by Vampire or bitten by Vampire, he or she should drink the ashes of burned Vampire. And to prevent an attack by Vampire a person must eat bread with the blood of a vampire.